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SOCAL JSA! CABINET!!!!!!! [12 Jun 2006|10:12pm]


particularly the ANGELES REGION!!!!!!!!!

if you want a cabinet application, e-mail James or Danielle for one at the office A.S.A.P. because they were already mailed on Friday.

dwoody@jsa.org for Danielle
jlee@jsa.org for James

p.s. apply for the AR

and go to laser tag!!!
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Interesting Article mention JSA in NJ [06 Jun 2006|03:28pm]

link: http://nbs.gmnews.com/news/2006/0525/Front_Page/014.html


Johnson, Gambatese may square off in debate
Campaigns trying to reach compromise on moderator choice
Staff Writer

SOUTH BRUNSWICK - Disagree-ment over who should serve as moderator has stalled a debate for the Democratic mayoral primary, though as the election draws near, Debra Johnson's campaign has begun making overtures toward a compromise.

Johnson, the former mayor, has repeatedly called upon current Mayor and Democratic rival Frank Gambatese to debate her.

Dan Frankel, Gambatese's campaign manager, has repeatedly rejected these challenges because the Johnson campaign said that it would like the Junior State of America (JSA) to moderate the debate. Frankel said that while the mayor would not be completely opposed to a debate, it would have to be moderated by the League of Women Voters.

The League of Women Voters began as an organization that sought to secure the vote for women. Afterwards, it became a nonpartisan political organization devoted to encouraging people to participate in government through education and advocacy.

The Junior State of America is a national organization organized and run exclusively by students that attempts to promote political awareness through activities such as debates and simulations. South Brunswick High School student Julia Kaplan is the current governor of the JSA's Mid-Atlantic region.

"I think the mayor has been very clear. He said that if he was going to participate in a debate, it would have to be run by the League of Women Voters. They've been facilitating the debates in town all the time and they do it in a very professional manner," said Frankel.

In response, the Johnson campaign said it would be willing to entertain a debate where the moderation responsibilities would be evenly distributed between the league and the JSA, though the Gambatese campaign did not respond to this offer.

According to Johnson, there are many reasons why she would have preferred the JSA moderate the debate. One is that she saw the youth organization moderate a school board debate before and was impressed with the group's professionalism. Another is that it would be a good experience for the students. Finally, Johnson said she would have liked to have a local connection, pointing out that the league is based out of Princeton.

"We chose JSA because it's a group made of our kids. They're neutral; they don't know me any better than they know Frank, and it's a great experience for them," said Johnson.

According to Johnson, at this point, with the June 6 primary looming, they're willing to even have the League of Women Voters moderate the debate as Gambatese asked if it means getting it going.

"I think it's unfortunate to disappoint the kids like that. It's a great opportunity for them, it's even-handed for us and it's based in town, but whatever. We're prepared to work with anything at this point," said Johnson.
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JSA in college! [05 Apr 2006|10:09am]

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[04 Mar 2006|11:04pm]
Daphne Li for AR Mayor.

hahaha. d00d.
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[23 Feb 2006|09:27pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket


My name is Yvonne Chu and I'm the Granada Hills Charter HS JSA Chapter Activities Coordinator. I'd like to invite YOU and YOUR CHAPTER to the GHCHS Mini-Con which will be next Saturday, March 4th.

The theme is "Education of the Nation"! There will be free food, and Senator Richard Alarcon tentatively will be speaking. Most importantly, it's going to be a lot of fun.

GHCHS Mini-Con - "Education of the Nation"
Date: March 4th, 2006
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Place: Granada Hills Charter HS
10535 Zelzah Ave.
Granada Hills CA 91344
Cost: $5 Admission

We'll also be selling pizza and soda/water for $1 each.

If you or anyone from your chapter would like to debate or moderate, please sign up by contacting me through e-mail at guitarchik138@gmail.com.

I really hope that you all come to the mini-con! Please invite all members from your chapter to come, even if you are unable to attend.

Thank you!!!

If you have any questions about the mini-con, please don't hesitate to contact me.

-Yvonne Chu

List of debates/thought talks/activitiesCollapse )
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Discussion [03 Jan 2006|03:07pm]
Hail AtlantisCollapse )
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[20 Nov 2005|04:52pm]

I came home from SoCal's Fall State South convention and picked today's LA Times. In the California section is an article titled "Rapper Urges Clemency for Killer." It highlights Snoop Dogg and mentions JSA (because we all know that he was NorCal's guest speaker). I was just happy to see JSA in the news.
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[17 Nov 2005|03:46pm]


Since nobody's really talked about Mid Atlantic State ppl in JSA (are there even MAS JSA people here from other chapters cuz I've never seen them on LJ)...


I'm actually really excited, in spite of the fact we're now in Cherry Hill instead of Philly, but still, it'll be a lot of fun.

i got the debate list and it seems like it's really interesting and that makes me even happier!

2 days!

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National Website [15 Nov 2005|03:35pm]


Glad to see that the national website is all psyched-up for Spring State 2005!

(Sorry, I know I'm the first person to ever bring this up.)
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[14 Nov 2005|10:07pm]

THE Official Pick Up Lines of MUN
Resolution 2.01
Passed to ECOSOC
Signatories: 16

1. Would you like to moderate my caucus?
2. Could you infringe on my national sovereignty?
3. I would like to ethnically cleanse you
4. Point of inquiry- Is there a judicially appointed reflective material in your pocket? Because i see me in your pants.
5. A woman is like a debate: First she's for, then she's against. By the end she'll always go 'to the point'.
6. I'll give you right of search and seizure.
7. I'll extend your speaking time any day of the week.
8. Point of order- but you are really hot.
9. You really extend my speaking time.
10. I would like the right to reply to how hot you are.
11. Recognizing that outfit looks good on you
a. Asserts that it will look better on my hotel room floor
12. Lets form a sub committee to discuss your disputed territories
13. I want 2/3rds of your majority
14. Come to my committee and I’ll show you Djibouti
15. You owe me a point of personal privilege
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Mods [20 Oct 2005|06:46pm]

we still need moderators for Fall State South. please contact Kim at k.burfiend@gmail.com

there are about 20 spaces left. you know you want to.
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[20 Oct 2005|04:12pm]

Anaheim or Los Angeles


There are still debates open for Fall State in Anaheim or Los Angeles. There are currently 46 debate choices for either conventions. Go to JSA Southern California and there is a list of debates (disregard the names, just look at the debate list). Many debates are still open. If you would like to debate contact Nehal (me), with the contact given at the JSA link above. Sign up quickly because official sign-ups close on the 23rd of October 2005 and if you plan on debating, make sure you send a list of a few preferred debates and the side you would like to debate, PLUS your contact information!!

Note for people who don't actually read a chunk of writing: Click on the link for debate list, and contact Nehal Naik (me) through the email address given at the hyperlink site.


-Nehal Naik
SoCal Debate Director
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AR One Day Convention - JSA Socal [18 Oct 2005|01:51pm]

This Saturday, October 22!

University of Southern California (USC)
University Park Campus
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Registration is from 9 to 10 a.m. at the SGM (Seeley G. Mudd) Building, Room 101

We will finish by 4:30 p.m.

Debate Topics:
-Resolved that the Minutemen Activist Group is justified in its actions on the basis that the Government is not fulfilling its duty.
-Resolved that women between the ages of 18-25 be required to sign up for the Selective Service Act like their male counterparts.
-Resolved that Racial Profiling be a standard policy of the United States Government.
-Resolved that Intelligent Design be taught as an alternate theory to Evolution in Science Classes.
-Resolved that Term Limits be imposed upon Supreme Court Justices
-Resolved that the Insanity Plea should no longer be an allowable legal defense in criminal cases.
-Resolved that Judges should be allowed to subpoena Reporters for their sources except in cases of National Security.

Please sign up to debate PRO or CON this weekend! We still do not have enough debaters! To sign up for a debate, contact Sean Ogino at IvanAntonov@comcast.net.

Thank you!
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[17 Sep 2005|03:23pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Anyone know where I can get an official list/description of cabinet positions?

Also, does anyone know why Fall State for the MAS/NJR is in CHERRY HILL instead of Philly this year?

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SoCal Leadership Conference [13 Sep 2005|02:15pm]

Hey SoCal JSAers!
 Don't forget about the Sept. 24th Leadership Conference at Santa Monica City College.
This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about JSA and get new members involved. The conference runs from 9-4 in the Concert Hall at the college. Start off your JSA year on the right foot and make sure your chapter attends!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at AnnaMSC@cox.net.

See you on the 24th!

-Anna Couturier
 Southern California Governor
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[04 Sep 2005|11:58pm]

heyy jsaers

let me know if anyone of you want to speak pro or con on INTELLIGENT DESIGN at the sept. 24 LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. ask all your friends! :-)
(the resolution: resolved, that intelligent design be taught in public schools)

for those of you that don't know, here's the info for the conference:

Leadership Conference- Saturday, September 24th at Santa Monica Community College. Registration is from 9:30 to 10:00am and the conference will end around 5pm. The cost is $5 per person.

btw, thanks geoff for stepping up to debate!
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SoCal cabinet meeting [25 Aug 2005|04:22am]

for the meeting tomorrow is the dress casual, or business?
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[16 Aug 2005|03:00pm]
Congrats SoCal JSAers who made it onto cabinet!!! See ya'll on the 27th!!
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JSA social (SoCal) [09 Aug 2005|03:59pm]

can someone give me more info about the social going on tomorrow at city walk, like start time, end time and what will be done there? thanks
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question about cabinet applications [03 Aug 2005|01:54pm]

To those from the Mid-Atlantic State, does anyone know when next year's cabinet will be announced?

Thanks. :)

Signing off, V.M. Bell
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